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Precious and rare Scotches*

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all seminars run for $80/person, except *@ $120/person


Next session starts in August

The Spirit School at Brandy Library


The Seminars take place every Tuesday, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at Brandy Library, exploring the history, making and tasting of a chosen spirit (cognac, scotch, bourbon, calvados, rum, armagnac). Opening cocktail, booklet, food pairing. Half price for members. Check out the calendar for days and times.


Customized Seminars


Get a group together and get into the Spirit! Any time of the day/night, up to 15 persons. Ideal for entertaining your clients, getting your staff knowledgeable or simply having a good time with your friends.


Private Tastings


Experience the depth of the seminar without the lecture!  Our spirit sommelier will guide you through a tasting of your spirit of choice, but he will spare your the art of distilling, the history, and other technicalities.



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